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Investment Management in Milldale, CT

At some point in life, you reach a financial milestone in which you must make decisions about how to invest and manage your wealth. Many people consider hiring a professional…

April 26, 2023

Written by Justin Sloan

At some point in life, you reach a financial milestone in which you must make decisions about how to invest and manage your wealth. Many people consider hiring a professional to help them manage their money. Still, deciding who’s the best for the job can be challenging. Nesso Wealth offers superior investment management services to maximize investment returns while limiting risks for those living in Milldale, CT.

We’ve helped dozens of clients develop a long-term financial plan that works for them. Our investment management services in Milldale will help you build a comprehensive portfolio that suits your current financial situation and future goals. We provide tailor-made solutions based on your individual needs, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Go ahead and ontact Nesso Wealth today to learn more.


Understanding Investment Management

What Is Investment Management?

Investment management encompasses more than just buying and selling financial assets. It also includes devising a strategy for acquiring and disposing portfolio holdings and banking, budgeting, and tax services.

The term “investment management” usually refers to organizing the investments in a portfolio to meet specific goals. Another name for investment management is money management, portfolio management, and wealth management.

Investment Management’s Basics

Professional investment management aims to help clients reach their financial goals by responsibly handling their money. These clients can be private individuals or organizations such as pension funds, retirement plans, governments, universities, and insurance companies.

Investment management involves allocating assets, analyzing stock reports and picking stocks, monitoring investments, and executing portfolio strategy. For some clients, this may include financial advising services that oversee the portfolio and coordinate it with other aspects of their life goals.

Professional managers are experienced in handling several securities and financial assets, including bonds, equities, commodities, and real estate. They can also manage other assets, such as precious metals or artwork. By managing these resources shrewdly, they can help to ensure that your investment portfolio aligns with your retirement and estate planning goals.

Ensuring a company’s assets are well-maintained, accounted for, and utilized is known as investment management in corporate finance.

Advantages Of Investment Management

Investment management provides lucrative returns. It offers a range of financial instruments and strategies to help you pursue your financial goals. With Nesso Wealth, you can access expert advice, the latest market trends, and in-depth research to make informed decisions. Other investment management pros that you can’t overlook are:

  • In-depth and professional analysis
  • Full-time commitment
  • The ability to predict or do better than the stock market
  • This strategy enables individuals to safeguard their investments even during challenging economic periods.

Nesso Wealth: Your Strongest Ally

We Bring Simplicity To Complex Situations

At Nesso Wealth, you can find a trusted advisor. We aim to simplify your financial world and bring order to the complexity so you can make better decisions. We are a premier wealth management firm in Milldale, CT, devoted to providing an exceptional experience for our clients. Our mission is to provide every client with personalized strategies designed to help them reach their financial goals.

We Help You With Accountability

It’s crucial to monitor your investment portfolio if you want to reach your targets. Here at Nesso Wealth, we give you the advice and support needed so that your investments always benefit you. For example, if we notice that you’re saving too little and overspending, we’ll work with you until your finances are in a healthy state again.

With our comprehensive knowledge and experienced staff, we can offer you reliable advice that meets your specific needs. In doing so, we help to ensure that your investments stay on track.


As your advisors, we help you to stay focused on your long-term goals and provide assistance in short-term decision-making. We provide regular coaching assistance that enables you to understand the importance of investment management while also helping you make informed investment decisions. We’ll talk about the future and more.


We map out a plan for you, help you execute it, and prioritize each step. Nesso Wealth is on your side and will always put your interests first. We ensure that all advisors are held accountable to the highest standards of integrity when managing your investments. You won’t have to worry about potential risks; we’ll take care of everything for you!

Get To Know Our Services

Investment Management

If you follow a disciplined investment process, you will have more transparency of information and receive more proactive quality service. This way, you can achieve your financial goals quickly and without worries.

Our company uses the latest technology with financial professionals to keep an eye on your portfolio. When you’re working with one of our advisors, they’ll help you build a model of what you want. Then, you periodically evaluate where your portfolio is at against those goals and adjusts as necessary.

Financial Planning

Our company has a team of financial planning experts who’ll construct a plan tailored to your needs by evaluating your assets, income, and spending. Finding the correct financial advisor is crucial to achieving true wealth. We specialize in designing customized plans for both individuals and businesses.

For Individuals: At our company, we want what’s best for you. That’s why your goals always drive your investments, never the other way around, as some financial companies do. To ensure that we’re always acting in your best interest, we review financial planning from four perspectives: assessment, personalized cash-flow-based planning, social security analysis, and risk management planning. With us, you’ll have a wide selection of investment options that match up with whatever goals you may have.

For Businesses: Without proper financial planning, you put your business and future at risk. Protect what you’ve built by working with our team of planners, who will focus on four key areas: individualized plans, evaluating your company, tax efficiency, and succession planning in case of retirement or emergencies.

Retirement Planning

Because retirement is such an ambiguous concept to many people, it’s no wonder that more individuals than ever are unprepared for their own retirement. In fact, the Insured Retirement Institute discovered in 2019 that 45 percent of baby boomers had not saved enough for their golden years.

Are you looking forward to retirement? Nesso Wealth can help make that dream a reality. Our team of financial advisors is passionate about helping you achieve your retirement goals. We’ll help you by providing the necessary guidance to keep you focused on your long-term objectives. We’ll provide regular monitoring and review of plans, as well as advice regarding changes in regulations and tax laws that could affect your retirement plan.

Estate Planning

Your legacy is something you’ll pass down to future generations. It’s vital that you have a comprehensive plan in place to ensure that your wishes are followed and your assets are left in the care of those you choose. Nesso Wealth can help design an estate plan that considers your current situation while anticipating possible contingencies. We can help you with the following:

  • Medical Power Of Attorney
  • Durable Power Of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Second Marriages
  • Blended Families
  • Nontraditional Families
  • Creditor Protection
  • Dementia

Tax Planning

Our team of certified public accountants (CPAs) can work with your accountant to review your recent tax returns and identify potential savings or restructuring opportunities. This way, you can proactively save money in the future. Whether you’re looking to adequately save for retirement, improve your income tax situation, or need help with business taxes, we’ll create a customized plan just for you.

Private Client

When you have complex needs, you need a sophisticated solution. With Private Clients, you get one-on-one support to help address those needs.

How Our Process Works

  • Introduction: Immediately after scheduling your consultation, we begin working to find you the best possible advisor for your needs. This consultant will help you get closer to achieving your goals.
  • Discovery & Visioning: You won’t be just another number with us. We’ll take the time to get to know you as an individual and understand your specific situation in order to help better guide you along your financial journey.
  • Document Deep Dive: Holistically examining your life and finances will show you what’s important to you and how small changes can bring about significant transformation.
  • Personalized Proposal: After we understand all your financial and non-financial assets, we can create a wealth plan tailored to you and help guide you toward your goals.
  • Plan Implementation: We don’t simply abandon you after we help create your retirement plan. Instead, we regularly monitor and change your plan as needed so that you can more easily reach your financial goals.

Protect Your Legacy With Our Wealth Services In Milldale, CT

When it comes to investment and wealth management services, you want the best. At Nesso Wealth, we provide our clients with a full suite of wealth management services. We always ensure that their financial goals are met, and their legacy is protected. Our experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your current situation and create customized solutions tailored to your needs.

With years of experience in the field, Nesso Wealth is the best choice for all your wealth services needs in Milldale, CT. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help secure your financial future!


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