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Nesso Accounting Offers Compensation and Benefits Consulting in Milldale, CT

If you’re a business owner or work in HR, you know that your team members are the lifeblood of your organization. Offering competitive compensation and benefits packages is essential to…

May 2, 2023

Written by Justin Sloan

If you’re a business owner or work in HR, you know that your team members are the lifeblood of your organization. Offering competitive compensation and benefits packages is essential to keeping a productive, motivated workforce. However, setting up and managing these plans can be complex, considering the accounting and legal requirements involved. Many businesses often turn to professional consultants for assistance.

At Nesso Accounting, we’re a team of professional accountants in Milldale, CT, dedicated to helping our clients grow. We’ve accumulated decades of experience in the industry, and we have a strong understanding of the relevant laws and regulations. Among our services, our compensation and benefits consulting will ensure that you’re providing your staff with the right incentives and rewards. We’ll get to know your business and tailor our proposal to your needs. Fill out our form today to schedule a consultation; we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


Understanding Compensation And Benefits

While compensation and employee benefits may seem similar, they’re two different parts of an overall strategy. Compensation is the payment companies offer their team members in exchange for their work. They receive base pay with the opportunity to earn bonuses, awards, and special incentives based on their performance. All of these form the compensation package. On the other hand, team member benefits are additional perks for working at a particular company. The employer can pay for part or all of the costs, but this isn’t always the case; team members may also have to contribute through payroll deductions.

Each company will have a unique combination of compensation and benefits. Most importantly, this package should reflect the company’s values, culture, and objectives and comply with all relevant laws and regulations. For example, the law requires employers to offer the following perks: Medicare and Social Security, health insurance, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and Family and Medical Leave (FMLA). Although not required by law, companies can provide other benefits, as they can bring additional value to the organization and its team.

The Importance Of Compensation And Benefits – Why Let A Professional Help You?

In today’s competitive job market, having a well-designed compensation and benefits package plays an integral role in recruiting and retaining top talent. The reason is team members want to know if the company will reward them for their hard work and dedication. And while a good salary is always essential, employees expect access to comprehensive benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans. Suppose that your company and a competitor are offering similar salaries. In that case, the job seekers’ decision may come down to which company has a better benefits package.

From an accounting perspective, a compensation and benefits program involves several variables, complicating the process. You must manage payroll taxes, budget for employer-provided benefits, and meet all compliance requirements. In addition, tracking spending, looking for potential savings opportunities, and updating your program as your business grows are crucial. A reliable accounting firm like Nesso Accounting can assist you in all these areas.

The Key Components Of Compensation And Benefits

Fixed Pay 

Fixed pay is the minimum amount a team member can expect to receive, excluding bonuses or overtime. It typically consists of an employee’s base salary and is paid out regularly (e.g., bi-weekly or monthly). Some factors that impact the amount paid include the minimum wage, job title, seniority, and cost of living. Fixed pay is the foundation of any compensation program since you’re providing your workforce with a reliable source of income.

Variable Pay 

Variable pay is the payout that varies based on performance, such as bonuses and stock options. This pay incentivizes your team to work harder and achieve better results. For example, many companies use variable pay to reward individual employees for outstanding contributions or exceed expectations in customer service and product sales. You may also offer team bonuses and other forms of variable pay when the organization meets specific objectives.

Equity Pay 

Equity pay is another form of compensation where team members receive stock options instead of cash payments. The employee can choose to exercise the options and purchase shares of the company at a predetermined price. They can then earn a portion of the profits as dividends and capital gains if the value of the stock increases. Equity pay often works as an incentive for team members looking for long-term investments in their company, giving them a sense of ownership. 

Health Benefits

Health benefits refer to employer-offered coverage for medical expenses such as doctor visits, prescription drugs, hospital stays, etc. Employers may also offer non-medical perks such as vacation days, sick leave, maternity leave, and education assistance programs. Ultimately, health benefits are an excellent way to protect your team members’ financial stability in case of illness or injury. Not including them in your company’s program can significantly hinder job candidates.

How Nesso Accounting Can Help With Your Compensation And Benefits Package

At Nesso Accounting, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to help you design and manage your compensation and benefits program. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to deliver a plan tailored to your organization’s needs. By leveraging data and insights, we can help you review existing programs for cost savings opportunities or recommend new strategies for greater efficiency. Our certified accountants can also assist with compliance and reporting related to compensation and benefits. Here are some of the primary services we offer:

Compensation Plans

We can help you develop attractive, performance-based compensation plans to motivate and reward your team. We’ll also provide expert advice on incentivizing employees and optimizing payouts that achieve maximum results.

Retirement Plans

We provide full-service retirement plan administration and consulting services. We’ll help you determine the best type of retirement plan for your business and tailor it to fit your needs, from 401(k)s to Simple IRAs. Once set up, we’ll take care of all the necessary accounting and reporting tasks.

Health And Employee Benefits Plans

Our health and employee benefits packages are flexible, competitive, and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. From individual insurance plans to group coverage, our team will work with you to create cost-effective programs without sacrificing quality or coverage levels.

Additional Benefits Services

Nesso Accounting also offers assistance with additional benefits services, such as vacation and sick leave, maternity leave programs, tuition reimbursement programs, and more. We’ll handle all accounting and compliance matters associated with these benefits so you can focus on running your business.

Benefits Of Our Compensation And Benefits Solution

When you partner with Nesso Accounting for compensation and benefits services, you can expect to see tangible results. Here’s what our accountants can bring to the table:

Increase Employee Loyalty

When your team members feel you value them, they become more loyal to the company. In other words, they will be less likely to seek new opportunities elsewhere. You’ll create a more stable environment and retain high-performing employees.

Attract Talent

When looking for a job, potential employees often prioritize the benefits and compensation they will receive. Your company must offer attractive packages to compete with other organizations. Nesso Accounting can help you create a comprehensive plan that will grab the attention of qualified job seekers.

Increase Productivity And Job Satisfaction

Employees who feel secure can focus on their tasks and perform better. Offering a competitive salary and benefits package is an excellent way to boost motivation and increase productivity in the workplace. You can also foster greater job satisfaction among your team members.

Boosting Employee Motivation

A well-structured compensation and benefits system can help you motivate your team members. You can reward them for their hard work and dedication by offering bonuses, incentives, and other forms of variable pay. They will feel encouraged to continue going the extra mile to exceed expectations.

Our Mission At The Nesso Group

Building Healthier Workplaces And Financial Lives

At the Nesso Group, we’re passionate about helping business owners and individuals with compensation and benefits planning. Our mission is to provide high-quality service that meets each client’s unique needs. We strive to build healthier workplaces and financial lives by designing competitive, cost-effective programs.

Growing On Each Pillar Of Life While Serving Others

We think investing in our team, clients, and community is important. That’s why we strive to create an environment of continuous learning and growth, focusing on each pillar of life while serving others. We want everyone to benefit from the experience of working together and growing professionally.

An Ecosystem Of Services To Better Serve Clients

Not only is Nesso Accounting a leader in benefits and compensation consulting, but we’re also part of the Nesso Group. We offer an ecosystem of services designed to provide holistic financial advice for our clients. From tax preparation and estate planning to insurance and Medicare services, our financial consultants in Milldale have everything you need in one convenient place. 

Nesso Accounting: Your Trusted Benefits Advisor In Milldale

From creating attractive packages to increasing employee loyalty, Nesso Accounting is your trusted partner for all your compensation and benefits needs. We offer a wide range of solutions designed to simplify the process and provide personalized guidance so that you can make informed decisions. Our compensation consultants in Milldale can use their expertise to develop a comprehensive plan that your workforce appreciates. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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