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Get Your Ancillary Benefits for Disability in Connecticut

When considering your employee benefits package, you may wonder what ancillary benefits are worth including. Ancillary benefits are supplemental benefits that can help employees in the short and long term.…

April 26, 2023

Written by Justin Sloan

When considering your employee benefits package, you may wonder what ancillary benefits are worth including. Ancillary benefits are supplemental benefits that can help employees in the short and long term. Including ancillary benefits in your employee benefits package can be a great way to show your employees that you care about their well-being and want to help them stay healthy and protected. 

If you’re thinking about adding Health and Benefits to your package, Nesso Benefits can help. We offer a wide range of ancillary benefit options, so we’re sure to have something that fits your needs. With decades of experience, we provide a transparent and proactive approach to help our clients control the cost of insurance and help employees make healthier choices. 


About Nesso Benefits

At Nesso Group, we understand that a company’s most valuable asset is its people. That’s why we take a customer-centric approach to our benefits administration services. We do the heavy lifting and work directly with employees to ease the burden on employers. We want your team to feel cared for and confident they can reach us directly with questions or concerns.

Our staff is also equipped to work with Spanish-speaking clients, ensuring greater accessibility. With Nesso Group, you can focus on your business goals, knowing that your team is in good hands.

Our Mission with the Connecticut Community

At Nesso Benefits, we are committed to providing Connecticut’s highest-quality ancillary benefits. Our mission is to help our clients improve the well-being of their employees and provide peace of mind for them and their families. Whether supporting healthy lifestyles or protecting against financial hardships, we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of the people we serve.

So if you’re looking for ancillary Health and Benefits in Connecticut, contact Nesso Benefits today and see how we can help keep your employees healthy and protected.​

Our Goals & Values

At Nesso Benefits, we are driven by a desire to provide high-quality ancillary benefits for our clients. Our goal is to improve the well-being of employees across Connecticut and help them stay protected from life’s unexpected turns. We work daily to uphold our core values of client advocacy, integrity, collaboration, excellence, and social responsibility.

Our Financial Experts Explain Ancillary Benefits in Connecticut

What are Ancillary Benefits?

Ancillary benefits are supplemental insurance that can provide employees with valuable protection in the short and long term. They typically include coverage for services such as dental, vision, and other medical expenses not covered by standard health insurance plans.

At Nesso Benefits, we offer a wide range of ancillary benefit options to help you create a comprehensive employee benefits package that meets your company’s and your employees’ unique needs.

How do Ancillary Benefits Work in Connecticut?

Ancillary benefits are offered to cover those expenses, which many neglect to factor into healthcare costs. They usually form a multiplier of daily benefits the hospital provides. For example, an ancillary policy may cover 20 times this daily benefit.

Some Factors to Keep in Mind:

  • Ancillary benefits are health insurance that takes care of miscellaneous medical bills. This is in addition to your primary health insurance coverage and can help cover unexpected costs in an emergency.
  • Ancillary benefits usually cover the cost of ambulance rides, bandages, drugs, and other medical supplies.
  • The amount you receive from ancillary benefits varies depending on the benefit type, whether voluntary or employer-contributory.
  • There are several positive aspects to ancillary benefits, for example, using pre-tax dollars to pay for them and paying for preventative care.

Why Do You Need Ancillary Benefits?

Health plans are not the be-all, end-all of employee health because oral and vision care must also be considered. It makes sense for companies to cover the costs of these insurances because research has shown that dental and vision plans can lower medical claims costs in the long run.

Ancillary Benefits are perfect for protecting your employees in the short and long term. If you’re looking to offer this valuable protection to your employees, contact Nesso Benefits today. We have a team of financial experts who can help you find the right ancillary benefits solution for your company.

Voluntary vs. Employer-Contributory

Ancillary benefits are optional and can be either employer-contributory or not. On employer-contributory ancillary benefits, the employer usually pays for half of the premiums. For voluntary plans, the employers’ contribution towards premiums typically ranges from 0% to 49%.

Employees can have their premiums deducted from their paychecks, and the employer will also contribute a portion. If an employee uses their benefits, they submit a claim form. The benefits will be paid out to either the contracted provider or directly to the member if they are not using a network provider. In cases of life insurance claims, the beneficiary will be paid directly.

List of Benefits of Ancillary Benefits to Employers

  • If your business takes advantage of Section 125, you may be able to lower employer FICA contributions. This section allows employees to put pre-tax dollars towards these benefits.
  • Ancillary benefits enhance the employer’s reputation among employees.
  • Ancillary benefits make a business more competitive in the employment marketplace by offering employees additional perks.
  • They can use pre-tax dollars to pay for dental and vision care.
  • By having many people share in the risk, premiums become more affordable.
  • Ancillary products improve workers’ quality of life by providing access to services they need.
  • With ancillary dental and vision benefits, workers get preventative care, not just treatment for existing problems.
  • With ancillary benefits and group insurance, employees can have greater peace of mind and security.

Explaining Short & Long Term Disability

Short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD) are two types of insurance that protect against unexpected income loss due to illness or injury. Short-term disability is generally a policy that covers individuals for a short period of time, such as several weeks to a few months. Long-term disability provides coverage for a longer period of time, such as years.

The Importance

Both short-term disability and long-term disability insurance helps ensure that you will have the financial resources to pay for your living expenses if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. This can be especially important if you are the sole provider for yourself or your family. And both types of disability insurance can help protect your income so that you are not left struggling to make ends meet if you are out of work for an extended period of time.

How Does Disability Insurance Work?

Disability income insurance is created to reimburse a portion of your wages in the event that you’re unable to work due to an illness or accident. The policy won’t cover 100% of what you normally make, but it will give you 45-65% of your gross salary.

Most employers offer disability insurance (DI) to their employees as part of a group insurance policy. DI benefits are also available from the Social Security Administration (SSA), which offers coverage to individuals and families. Some people may prefer to purchase private DI insurance to supplement existing coverage or if they don’t have any other policies.

How are Premiums Established?

Your insurance premiums are based on several factors, including age and occupation. If you work in a field that has a higher risk of injury, your premiums will be higher. The amount of income you receive is also factored into how much you pay for coverage—the more you earn, the higher your premiums.

Your policy will pay benefits if an illness, accident, or injury prevents you from performing your occupation’s material and substantial duties. Benefits are tax-free because the policyholder uses after-tax dollars to pay premiums.

How to Get Disability Income Insurance

Most employers provide their employees with some type of disability insurance as part of their annual benefits packages. They may also give the option of additional coverage. Premiums are paid through regular payroll deductions.

Worker’s Compensation:

Workers’ compensation is a form of disability insurance that the government mandates. Individuals receive benefits through employers who the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act covers. This form of disability insurance covers injuries or illnesses as a result of employment. Compensation usually covers medical fees that are related to an employee’s injuries or the equivalent of sick pay during a medical leave.

Many employer-offered plans do not cover expenses to the level that a disabled employee needs, leaving them with inadequate protection. You can choose to elect supplementary coverage through a private insurance company. This is especially important for self-employed individuals and small business owners who cannot claim workers’ compensation for themselves.

We Help You Prioritize Health in Your Business in Connecticut

At Nesso, we know that offering great benefits is important to attracting and retaining the best employees. That’s why we offer a transparent and proactive approach to benefits that puts employers in control. We believe that by helping employees make healthier choices, we can help keep insurance costs under control.

Our team is passionate about caring for our clients and their employees. We’re here to answer questions and address concerns directly. And because we know that language can be a barrier to access, we’re proud to offer our services in Spanish and English. When it comes to benefits, Nesso is here to help you and your team thrive.


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