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Corporate Wellness Partners: The Basics Of Consulting and Custom Programming

Employees are the lifeblood of any company. When employees are healthy and happy, businesses thrive. Conversely, unhealthy and unhappy employees cost companies a lot of money yearly in lost productivity,…

November 18, 2022

Written by Trey Bongiovanni

Employees are the lifeblood of any company. When employees are healthy and happy, businesses thrive. Conversely, unhealthy and unhappy employees cost companies a lot of money yearly in lost productivity, healthcare costs, and more. In today’s competitive market, most businesses offer employees various benefits to show they care about their well-being. Some common perks include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and more.

Since so many options are available, businesses often partner with corporate wellness companies to design and implement programs that fit their needs and budget. Through consulting and custom programming, these wellness partners can assist companies in creating and maintaining a healthy workplace. They can also help businesses hold employees accountable for meeting their health goals.

This blog post will cover everything you need to know about corporate wellness partners, including what they do, their benefits, and how to find the right one for your business. We’ll also touch on accountability and how it relates to consulting and custom programming. Read on if you’re interested in finding a corporate wellness partner for your business but want to learn more about them.

What Are Corporate Wellness Partners, And How Do They Work?

Corporate wellness partners are businesses that offer consulting and custom programming to support organizations’ health and wellness initiatives. These companies usually have a team of experts who can assess your company’s needs and design a program accordingly. They will charge a monthly or yearly fee for their services.

Depending on the size and scope of your business, your corporate wellness partner may offer different services, which we’ll further explore later. They can provide these services on-site at your business or off-site at the wellness partner’s facility. Overall, corporate wellness partners play a key role in many businesses’ benefits packages.

What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Wellness Partners?

There are several benefits of working with a corporate wellness partner, both for businesses and employees.

Improve Employee Productivity

The main benefit is that corporate wellness partners can help improve productivity. Healthy employees take fewer sick days, are more engaged at work, and have more energy to put towards their job. Studies have shown that corporate wellness programs can increase productivity by 20-40%, significantly boosting a company’s bottom line.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Employees won’t need to oftenly use their health insurance when they’re healthy. As a result, businesses may get to lower their premiums, and employees won’t have to spend as much out of pocket. In addition, many corporate wellness programs offer discounts on health club memberships and other health-related products and services, which can further reduce costs.

Attract And Retain Top Talent

In today’s job market, top talent is in high demand. Many employees are looking for companies that offer comprehensive benefits packages, including corporate wellness programs. By providing these programs, businesses can attract and retain the best employees. Happy and healthy employees are also less likely to leave their job, reducing turnover costs.

Create A Positive Work Environment

Corporate wellness programs show employees that their company cares about their well-being and invests in their success. This positive work environment can increase employee morale and job satisfaction, which are essential for any business. On the other hand, more customers may want to do business with a company they perceive as ethical and responsible.

What Services Can A Corporate Wellness Partner Provide?

Corporate wellness partners can provide many health and well-being services. While the exact services offered vary from partner to partner, some standard services include:

  • Health Assessments
  • Biometric Screenings
  • Fitness Classes/Programs
  • Weight Management Programs
  • Stress Management Programs
  • Tobacco Cessation Programs
  • Nutrition Counseling/Coaching
  • Health Education Seminars/Workshops

What To Look For In A Corporate Wellness Partner

When choosing a corporate wellness partner, you must consider your company’s needs and budget. You’ll also want to ensure that your partner is reputable and has a good track record. Here are some factors to remember when selecting a corporate wellness partner:

  • Services Offered: As we mentioned earlier, corporate wellness partners offer many different services. Choose a partner that provides the services you’re looking for.
  • Pricing: Corporate wellness partners usually charge a monthly or yearly fee for their services. Get quotes from multiple partners so you can compare pricing.
  • Experience: Choose a partner with experience designing and implementing corporate wellness programs. This way, you’ll increase the chances that your program is successful.
  • Communication Skills: Good communication is essential for any business relationship. Choose an open and honest partner who is approachable when you have questions or concerns.
  • References: Ask each potential partner for references from past clients. Reviews or references are a great way to learn about a company’s quality of service.

What Is Consulting And Custom Programming?


Consulting is when a corporate wellness partner meets with you to discuss your company’s needs and goals. This process usually takes place before the actual design of the program. During the consultation, the partner will ask questions about your employees, their health risks, and your budget. They will share insights and recommendations based on their knowledge and experience.

Custom Programming

Based on the collected information, the corporate wellness partner will create a customized program for your company. They may also suggest an incentive system based on points, rewards, or competition to encourage employees to participate. Your customized program will include specific services, activities, and goals you can typically track using your partner’s platform.

They can also help you educate your employees about the program, how to participate, and ensure a smooth implementation process. If you don’t have the time or resources to design your program or want to feel more confident, consulting and custom programming is the way to go.

Tips For Getting The Most Of Your Consulting And Custom Programming

When working with a corporate wellness partner, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of it:

Set Realistic Goals

During the consultation process, be realistic about what you want to achieve. If your plans are too ambitious, you and your employees may become discouraged. Start with smaller, achievable goals and work your way up. You can continually update your goals and program as you go along.

Ask Questions And Be Open-Minded

Don’t hesitate to ask your partner for clarification if you’re unsure about anything. Remember that your partner is an expert in corporate wellness. They may make suggestions that you haven’t considered before. Try to be open-minded and give their ideas a chance.

Communicate With Your Employees

Once the program is up and running, communicate with your employees. Educate them on the benefits of participating and how they can get involved. It would help if you also encouraged feedback to improve the program over time.

Be Patient And Follow Through

It takes time for corporate wellness programs to show results. Give yourself and your employees time to adjust to the new program before expecting significant changes. Additionally, it’s essential to follow through with the program. If you stop caring, your employees will likely do the same.

Why You Should Keep Your Wellness Program Updated With The Help Of A Partner

As your company grows and changes, so do your employees’ needs. Therefore, you must keep your wellness program up-to-date to guarantee it works. A corporate wellness partner can help ensure your program evolves with your company. The last thing you want is an outdated program because your employees will stop using it.

Additionally, corporate wellness is constantly changing as new research emerges. Your partner will keep track of the latest trends so you can implement them in your program. For example, if there’s a new wellness app that everyone’s using, they’ll let you know and help you decide if it’s right for your company. And with their tracking of participation rates and health outcomes, you can see how your program is performing and make necessary changes.

What Is Accountability, And How Does It Relate To Consulting?

Accountability is when someone is held responsible for their actions or decisions. In the context of corporate wellness, accountability refers to the responsibility that employees have to maintain their health and wellness. They’re sometimes reluctant to participate in wellness programs because they don’t want to be held accountable for their health. However, studies have shown that employees held accountable for their health are more likely to change their lifestyles positively.

Luckily, your corporate wellness partner can troubleshoot any challenges with employee accountability. A reliable partner will continue to work with you to find solutions that work for your company and help keep your team accountable. Overall, accountability is a critical factor in determining the success of any corporate wellness program.

Nesso Benefits – Start Prioritizing Health And Benefits In Your Business

At Nesso Benefits, we realize how significant employee benefits are. We also know that many employers struggle to provide the best possible benefits, so our mission is to help businesses create and manage high-quality programs. We offer our clients in Connecticut a wide range of services, including corporate wellness, benefits reviews, and employee engagement.

Our team of certified wellness coaches can work with your employees to improve their health and well-being. With more than 50 team members, we can serve businesses of all sizes. Contact us today if you want to learn more about how the Nesso Group can help your business; we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Team up with us and create a healthier, happier workforce.


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