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Have you noticed too much staff rotation lately? Something must make your employees not want to stay long in your company. Have you checked your benefits and compensation plan lately?…

December 11, 2022

Written by Justin Sloan

Have you noticed too much staff rotation lately? Something must make your employees not want to stay long in your company. Have you checked your benefits and compensation plan lately? At Nesso Accounting, we believe a good compensation and benefits plan can help you reduce your staff rotation and retain your greatest talent.

We understand how overwhelming it can be to develop an accurate C&B plan to keep your employees loyal to your business. You might not know where to begin or what to include. You’ve come to the right place. At Nesso Accounting, we’ve helped multiple companies attract and retain their employees by providing innovative compensation strategies.


About Benefits & Compensation

The Society for Human Resource Management found that, out of U.S. employees surveyed, 63% reported compensation and benefits as the second most essential factor when determining job satisfaction – only being preceded by respectful treatment from colleagues.

To ensure employees are satisfied in the workplace, HR departments must provide attractive compensation and benefits packages. Doing so will show employees how much their efforts mean to the company and keep morale high. With a competitive salary or bonus structure, employers can guarantee that their staff remains motivated to work effectively—a key factor for improving job performance.


Employee compensation is the return they receive for their work within an organization. These returns can be in the form of monetary payment, perks such as free food, generous PTO policies, quality healthcare, and bonuses – all of which constitute part of the employee’s compensation package. This compensation may come in a financial or non-financial form.


In contrast to compensation packages, benefits are non-monetary rewards given to employees as a gesture of appreciation for their contributions. Examples of employee benefits that make them popular among workers include flexible work hours, the ability to telecommute, gym membership access, and catered meals, along with casual dress codes.

Why Are Compensation & Benefits Important?

The people that make up a company are its greatest asset. When companies hire the most talented employees, their output and profitability increase significantly. That is why it’s important to guarantee competitive compensation and benefits packages for all of your workers: not only will they be more satisfied with their jobs, but such an approach also has two key advantages:

Attract the best talent in the industry

Any informed and ambitious employee knows their worth and will strive to leverage it for the most competitive salary package. If workers perceive that they are being underpaid or a competitor offers similar pay but an improved benefits plan, they will likely look elsewhere. HR professionals must know how their entire compensation plans shape up compared to opponents to lure and retain top performers on staff.

Retain motivated employees

When fairly compensated, employees feel passionate about their job and have higher morale. This higher morale guarantees that employees come to work with purpose every day and strive for excellent performance. Moreover, when staff members are motivated and engaged, it can also lead to them staying in the same position longer instead of looking for other opportunities outside of their current workplace.

The 4 Key Components of Compensation & Benefits

As previously discussed, compensation and benefits can be sectioned into various components such as salary, time off, healthcare coverage, and well-being programs. Compensation itself comprises four primary types: wage rate/ hourly payouts; bonuses; commissions/ incentive payouts; plus a competitive base salary structure.

When it comes to total compensation and benefits packages, there are four main components:

Fixed pay

You pay your employees a predetermined monthly amount, excluding additional overtime or bonuses. This is referred to as fixed pay. It is generally based on your employee’s role, cost of living in their area, industry standards for similar roles, etc. In other words, this amount should reflect what it costs to have an individual with that specific skill set working for them at minimum wage.

Variable pay

Reward your team for their hard work with variable pay. This type of compensation is based on each individual’s performance and the organization’s success.

Equity pay

Companies often favor stock and options as a non-cash form of employee compensation. By doing so, staff can benefit from the company’s success by having an ownership stake in it – apart from their salary or other perks. This equity pay is called stock vesting. It requires employees to remain with the business for a predetermined period before they can receive any stocks offered as part of their remuneration package.

Health benefits

In America, employees see a healthcare package as an appreciated benefit. Indeed, providing your staff with such an incentive can be extremely beneficial due to the costs related to benefits plans and healthcare coverage. Not only will you stand out from rivals that offer more basic GP check-ups, but it could also give your company image an edge in terms of being personnel-focused—helping both attract & retain exceptional talent.

Example of Compensation & Benefits Package

When creating a compensation and benefits package, consider the unique needs of your company culture and core values. Be mindful of any applicable laws in multiple jurisdictions that govern employee roles as well as what is offered to salaried full-time employees versus part-time or contingent workers. With all these considerations in mind, you can craft an individualized package that reflects the distinct requirements of your organization.

When constructing a compensation and benefits package, you’ll want to make sure it includes the following:

  • Salary details
  • Health insurance offerings (medical, dental, vision)
  • Life insurance
  • Parental leave
  • Stock options
  • Retirement plans
  • Vacation and sick time
  • Overtime pay
  • Bonuses, commissions, and merit pay
  • Reimbursement programs

This foundation is the perfect place to begin. At Nesso, we make sure you always stick to all local and federal regulations when constructing your compensation and benefits package. It’s essential that your plan complies with state, organizational, and national laws. So we ensure you’ve got every necessary detail covered.

Does Compensation & Benefits Ensure Your Businesses’ Success?

As an HR professional, offering competitive compensation and benefits packages in your company is imperative. Making sure this message is conveyed to both current employees and potential hires allows you to create a successful recruitment process.

Establishing definite compensation and benefits policies come with two main advantages for your company:

  • It helps you recruit and maintain the finest workers in their respective fields.
  • It allows your company to analyze its compensation and benefits costs regarding its overall operating expenses. This ensures that you can stay profitable while offering competitive salaries for employees.

Nesso Financial Consultants in Meriden, CT

You might be wondering: how can Nesso Tax help me retain my top talent? We do it by building a plan that benefits you and your employees. This is how we can help you:

Compensation Plans

Nesso Tax is the ultimate answer for organizations striving to construct cost-friendly, market-driven compensation plans tailored to their growth level. Our Compensation Consultants in Meriden will guarantee you reach a plan synchronized with your company’s aims and objectives. With us by your side, you’ll have all the necessary resources to create an efficient compensation and incentive package idealized just for your business.


Retirement Plans

At Nesso Tax, we specialize in providing comprehensive compensation and benefits consulting services to help you create plans that stimulate your workforce productivity and maximize profits. Our professionals have the expertise needed to assist with crafting and managing incentive plans, stock ownership programs, and much more.

Health and Employee Benefits Plans

Let Nesso Accounting ease your worries regarding the compliance of Affordable Care Act (ACA). Our services enable you to identify precisely how many full-time equivalents are present in your organization, guaranteeing that all ACA requirements will be satisfied.

Additional Benefits Services

Nesso Accounting can help you maximize the efficiency of your workforce and improve your bottom line with our comprehensive compensation and benefits consulting services. We have Benefits Advisors in Meriden to assist in designing incentive plans and stock ownership programs, compliance with ERISA regulations, equity program design & implementation auditing/discrimination testing & executive compensation analysis.

Let us help provide a tailored plan that will enable success for all.

Let’s Get Started with Your C&B Plan Today

Nesso Tax is the perfect place to start when looking for a compensation and benefits consultant in Meriden, CT. To begin elaborating your plan to successfully keep your employees motivated, you’ll have to:

  • Book a consultation.
  • During the consultation, we’ll analyze your needs and elaborate a plan that protects your business.
  • After our experts hand you your plan, you’ll be ready to present your benefits package to your team.

Book A Consultation with Nesso Accounting Experts in Meriden, CT

Nesso Accounting is here to help you create a unique compensation and benefits plan in Meriden, CT. We understand how important it is for businesses to have an optimal plan that satisfies their workers and the company’s needs. We’ll help you save your company’s time, money, and stress associated with hiring and managing a full-time CFO, Controller, and Accounting Department.

Establish your company’s ultimate C&B package today, and keep your talent motivated and committed to your company’s growth. Contact our accountants in Meriden for a consultation and begin your journey to success.


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