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Nesso Wealth Offers Estate Planning for Blended Families in CT

Most people struggle with maintaining and growing their wealth because they don’t understand how to manage it properly, which can lead to further financial troubles and debt. You must have a comprehensive estate plan in place that includes risk management. If you’re not cautious, you can fall behind on investments, savings, and bill payments. You could also affect those around you if you’re a business owner or family breadwinner. Blended families living in Connecticut have additional complexities regarding estate planning and risk management; that’s where Nesso Wealth comes in. 

We at Nesso Wealth provide stress-reduction financial planning services. We’re a team with decades of accumulated experience and a commitment to helping our clients pursue their financial goals. To do this, we’ll create a detailed estate plan that considers all your needs, including those of your blended family. Our services include helping clients set up trusts, creating tax strategies, setting up retirement plans, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you; we want to be your partner in protecting your loved ones’ future.

Our Wealth Management Services in Connecticut

Management of wealth is about more than simply having money. It’s about ensuring your wealth works for you and your loved ones and involves making educated decisions. Nesso Wealth’s services are designed to help you do that by providing you with detailed financial planning guidance. Our financial advisors ensure that you invest your money in the right places, minimizing risks and maximizing returns. In addition, they’ll help you prepare for the future, setting you up for a comfortable retirement and comprehensive estate plan.

Do You Need Our Wealth Management Services?

How certain are you that your profit is being appropriately managed? This question can be challenging to answer. However, consider the following indicators that you or your family needs to hire wealth management services:

  • You’re not satisfied with the results
  • You’re not getting what your investment is worth
  • You’re stressed about your financial status
  • You’re unsure about your money’s whereabouts

If this is your case, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us. We help families get back on track financially and guarantee their finances work for them.

Benefits of Our Wealth Management

Here are some of the benefits of our investment management services.

You’ll Be on the Right Track to Grow Your Finance

Most people have cold feet regarding the stock market and its instability. However, equity investment can provide a steady revenue stream to help grow your money. Our advisors will assist you in investing while taking minimal risk.

Reduce Your Tax Burden

Our investment management is a practical approach that helps you minimize your tax burden and reduce legal fees. We’ll guide you through filing for deductions, cutting down your taxable income, and maximizing your profits.

Our Risk Management Planning

Risk management planning involves identifying, examining, and taking steps to eliminate or minimize risks. It’s the process of proactively listing possible risks and formulating contingency strategies to mitigate them if they happen. Once we’ve identified the risks, we can order them by their potential and likelihood impact. We can utilize this data to develop plans for handling them, resulting in a timely solution for risk management processes.

How Our Risk Management Services Work

An effective risk control strategy is more than just figures and escaping financial losses. It focuses on understanding their effects on your family’s finances and formulating calculated moves. In simpler terms, it’s based on protecting your family from the unanticipated. Thus you don’t need to be as worried about unexpected risks that may occur.

Four phases are involved in our risk administration strategies; they include:


The first step is to identify your family’s risks, such as changes in the global economic or market condition or issues with the current investments. We’ll ask questions, research data, and communicate with you.


Following the identification process, we must examine the results to determine their possible effect on your finances. We have the knowledge and experience to evaluate these risks in the most comprehensive, accurate way. The process of analysis prepares you for the following phase.


With our help, families can develop strategies to mitigate and control risks after the examination process. We’ll help you identify the best approach to ensure your family’s security. It might include the construction of safety nets, such as insurance policies, to protect your family against the probability of loss.


Finally, we’ll monitor the strategies we’ve implemented. This feedback will guide us to adjust the plan as needed, depending on the current economic situation. We’ll also stay informed of changes in law or regulations that might affect your family’s portfolio.

Benefits of Managing Risks with Our Help

  • Offer security
  • Facilitates financial stability
  • Make informed assets protection decision
  • Promote more future secure finance
  • Safeguard assets

Our Estate Planning Services

Estate planning is formulating a design to monitor your assets if you die or become incapacitated. It involves designating which heirs will inherit which property and how they’ll be responsible for estate taxes. You shouldn’t be worried about filling out paperwork; we’ll handle everything on your behalf.

What Our Estate Planning Includes

Our team of advisors appreciates the value of a well-thought-out estate plan. Examples of assets that may be part of your estate are automobiles, houses, artwork, equities, pensions, life insurance, and debt. With our assistance, you can develop a thorough strategy to safeguard your loved ones and possessions. 

We can help you create legal documents for your estate plan. We’ll also assist you with other implications of these documents, such as selecting a trustee. Here are some of the services we offer.

Preparing a Will

Writing a will is your first step when preparing an estate. A will is a legal document that provides guidelines for transferring your property after death. Individuals express their wishes via the document, listing a guardian for their children and designating who will inherit their assets. We can help you write a clear, valid will that reflects your wishes and goals.

Being Your Executor

Following the court’s approval, the executor’s role is to oversee and locate the deceased’s assets. The legal personal representative has to approximate the estate value by using either the internal Revenue Code data or the date of death value. At Nesso Wealth, we assist in selecting an outstanding trustee to monitor your estate needs. They’ll be responsible for filing tax returns, ensuring your beneficiaries receive their assets and distributing the estate. 

Establishing a Trust

The best way to escape disinheritance is by placing your possessions and assets in a trust. Creating a trust will allow you to provide for your partner throughout their lifetime. If they die, the children can receive the inheritance in a way that satisfies them.

Selecting a Trustee

You need to choose a trustee manager to monitor your estate. When you become incapacitated, your trustee will be responsible for your assets. If you die, the trustee will oversee that your remaining assets are given to your family as directed. Friends or family members often take this role, but you can get better results by selecting a professional trustee.

Nesso Wealth can help you select the right trustee for your blended family estate planning process. The individual you choose should be financially capable, trustworthy, and someone who will understand the dynamics of your family. We also understand the importance of overseeing how your beneficiaries react to the selected trustee and how they interact during emotional moments.

We Know the Specific Needs of Blended Families

A blended family is a unit where one or all the parents have children from their previous marriage. It can be challenging to understand the convolutions of these relationships. Furthermore, a spouse’s death can result in more complicated emotional and financial problems. We know that blended families have complex processes of financial and emotional issues, resulting in an intensified decision-making process. Moreso when handling your children, new spouse, and stepchildren’s competing interests.

Nesso Wealth aims to reduce stress on family members and heirs through a well-designed estate strategy. It should help to protect your loved ones during the transition process and provide a secure financial future. This way, your blended family can carry on your legacy.

Steps to Consider in the Blended Family Planning Process

During our initial process, we can do the following:

  • Have all the family members, during the discussion, pick a subject like long-term objectives, guardianship, and financial obligations.
  • Name the people you need to be listed in your documents. These people include who you want to be your agent upon death or during your incapacity and those you wish to receive your possessions and assets.
  • Indicate the intended partition you want each person to get, considering the financial needs of your surviving partner, children, and other beneficiaries.

Benefits of Blended Family Estate Planning

  • Safeguarding your family’s finance
  • Offer assets and possession security
  • Protecting your dependents’ interests
  • Facilitate informed decision making

Protect Your Blended Family’s Interests with Nesso Wealth in Connecticut

If you’re looking for a financial advisor, Nesso Wealth can assist you in protecting your possessions and managing your wealth. We have a qualified and experienced team in Connecticut that knows the complexities of wealth, risk, and blended family estate planning. All these services help you plan for your family’s future financially and emotionally. Our experts will work alongside you to ensure you’re on the right track to fulfilling your wishes. Feel free to contact us for more information about our services.

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