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Get To Know All About Business Owners’ Policies

Are you a business owner? Do you have any kind of insurance policy for your business? If not, you should definitely consider one. No one ever plans on something bad…

September 20, 2022

Written by Justin Sloan

Are you a business owner? Do you have any kind of insurance policy for your business? If not, you should definitely consider one. No one ever plans on something bad happening to their business, but it’s always best to be prepared for the worst. 


A business owners’ policy (BOP) is a great way to protect your business in case of an unexpected event. So it’s an important investment to make. Keep reading to learn more about BOPs and how they benefit your business.


What Is A Business Owner Policy?

Busy entrepreneurs have enough on their hands without having to worry about every little thing that could go wrong. That’s where a business owner policy, or BOP, comes in.


A BOP is an insurance policy that combines comprehensive coverage into one package so business owners can get the insurance coverage they need with one policy. While the exact coverage will vary from policy to policy, a BOP is essential for mitigating risk and protecting businesses of all sizes. Because each business is unique, BOPs can be customized to meet the business’s specific needs. Making it easier for business owners to find the right policy.

How Does A Business Owner Policy Protect Your Business?

Running a small business is not easy.  In addition to the day-to-day tasks of keeping your business up and running, you also have to worry about the unexpected. What would happen if your shop was damaged by a fire? What if one of your employees was injured on the job?


Understanding how to handle disasters at your business is crucial. They can strike at any time and often without warning. By being prepared, you can help minimize the impact of a disaster. This is why it’s important to have a Business Owner Policy or BOP.


A BOP will protect your business in the event of a covered loss. It can help cover the cost of replacing damaged property, lost income, and expenses related to business interruption. In the aftermath of a disaster, a BOP can be an invaluable resource, helping you get your business back up and running quickly.

What Does The BOP Cover?

A business owner’s policy (BOP) typically includes property damage, liability, and business interruption coverage. This combination allows comprehensive protection for your business in case of a covered loss.


  • General Liability: This coverage can help cover litigation, settlements, and judgment costs. It can also help to pay for the damages that have been incurred.
  • Property Insurance: This coverage protects your business if your property is damaged or destroyed. It can cover the cost of repairs, replacement, and lost income. It’s especially important for businesses that own expensive property, such as office buildings or retail stores. In the event of a fire, earthquake, or other disasters, property insurance can help your business get back on its feet.
  • Business Interruption Insurance: This type of insurance can cover lost revenue and expenses incurred due to a business interruption. In the current climate, business interruption insurance has never been more important. If your business is forced to close its doors due to unexpected circumstances, this type of insurance can help to ensure that you can make ends meet.


Extra Coverages To Add To Your BPO

BOP packages cover the basics, but they can also be tailored to meet the unique needs of a business by adding optional coverages such as:

Data Breach Coverage

A data breach can be a devastating event for any business. It can lead to the loss of essential data, damage your reputation and endanger your customers’ information. Data breach coverage can help you recover from it by providing financial assistance for expenses such as notification, credit monitoring, and identity theft restoration.

Business Income For Off-Premises Utility Services

This type of insurance provides coverage for businesses that suffer a loss of income due to an interruption in utility services. It can include losses due to power outages, water shortages, or gas leaks.


It can be a valuable tool for businesses that rely on utilities to operate. In the event of an interruption in service, business income insurance can help cover lost revenue and expenses related to the interruption, ensuring that businesses continue operating during disruption and minimizing the financial impact.

Professional Liability Insurance

This type of insurance helps protect professionals from the financial damages that can result from errors or omissions in their work. It can help to cover the costs of legal fees, settlements, and judgments that may be awarded against the professional.


It’s important to note that professional liability insurance doesn’t cover intentional acts or crimes committed by the insured professional. However, it’s still an important type of insurance for any professional who provides services to others.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

This is vital protection for employees who are injured on the job. It provides benefits to cover medical expenses and lost wages, helping workers and their families to stay afloat during difficult times.


In addition, workers’ compensation insurance can help to prevent lawsuits against employers. When employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, they’re less likely to file a personal injury lawsuit against their employer. As a result, workers’ compensation insurance protects employers and employees in the event of a workplace injury.


Commercial Auto Insurance

A type of insurance designed to protect businesses from the financial losses of an automobile accident. Whether you own a fleet of delivery trucks or a single company car, it can help to cover the costs of repairs, medical bills, and lost wages. In some cases, it can even provide protection against lawsuits filed by injured parties.


While the cost of commercial auto insurance can vary depending on the size and scope of your business, it’s typically more expensive than personal auto insurance.

Other Specialized Policies

Specialized insurance policies are designed to protect individuals and businesses from specific risks. It can provide tailored coverage for specific types of businesses, like those in the hospitality business, or for unique assets, such as fine art or jewelry.

The Benefits of A Business Owner Policy

  1. Saves money: By bundling together different types of insurance, a BOP can often be cheaper than buying separate policies. It also covers in case of an emergency, ensuring your business doesn’t shut down or overspend its budget trying to solve it.
  2. Saves time: Instead of dealing with multiple insurance companies, a BOP allows you to manage all of your coverage in one place. 
  3. Provides security: Knowing that your business is covered in the event of an accident or disaster can help you sleep better at night.
  4. Protects employees: If your business is sued, a BOP can help cover the cost of legal fees and damages.
  5. Helps grow your business: As your company grows, a BOP can be easily expanded to meet your increased needs.

Business Owner Policy Eligibility

Before making the final decision about getting a business owner policy, you first must know there is a criterion to be met. The requirement that businesses must meet to be eligible for a BOP is:

  • The business must have a physical location.
  • The business must have employees and must be engaged in commercial activity.
  • It has to be a small to medium-sized business, with 100 employees or less
  • Not classified as high-risk.
  • Make less than $1 million in annual revenue.


Specialized insurance policies may be required for businesses that do not fall within the eligible categories, such as commercial general liability insurance or a business owners’ package policy. To have a better idea about which policy you should get or if you’re a proper candidate for BOP, it’s best to get in touch with an insurance expert.

Who or What Type of Business Need A BOP?

BOP is recommended for those businesses that:

  • Want to protect their business investments
  • Need a more cost-effective insurance
  • Have multiple assets that could be damaged or stolen
  • Have a physical location that needs to be secured
  • Want to protect their employees
  • Have sensible data that needs to be guarded

How Can You Get A Business Owner’s Policy?

BOPs are typically obtained through commercial insurers, and the steps to get one are generally as follows:


  1. Businesses need to contact their local insurance agency and let them know your interested in obtaining a BOP. The insurance agency will then ask for basic information about the business, such as its size, revenue,  and type of operation.
  2. The insurer sends an agent to visit the business premises to better understand the risks involved. The agent will also assess the value of the business’s assets.
  3. Once the assessment is complete, the insurer will provide the business with a quote for the BOP premium. If the business decides to go ahead with the policy, it will need to pay the premium and sign the policy documents.


Ensure Your Company Is Prepared For The Unexpected With BOP

Running a business is a lot of work. Not only do you have to worry about the product or service you’re offering, but you also have to think about having the right coverage to protect your business in case of an accident or other unforeseen event. Nesso Group is a Connecticut leading insurance agency that provides a variety of policies for your business, including the Business Owners’ Policy.


At Nesso Insurance, we’re committed to offering the best coverage possible for your needs. We’re a reliable and efficient way to learn about insurance and find the best fit for your company. Contact us today to get started and receive trustworthy attention to guide you through this process.



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