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Ensure Your Employee’s Payment in Meriden, CT

Handling payroll can be overwhelming. This time-consuming task can bring a lot of stress and headaches, especially to business owners. That’s why experienced professionals at Nesso Tax handle your payroll…

December 11, 2022

Written by Justin Sloan

Handling payroll can be overwhelming. This time-consuming task can bring a lot of stress and headaches, especially to business owners. That’s why experienced professionals at Nesso Tax handle your payroll services in Meriden, CT.

At Nesso Tax, we take the guesswork out of payroll so you can get back to running your business without any hassle. We understand that all businesses have different payroll requirements and budgets, so we offer tailored financial services in Meriden that meet your needs. With our comprehensive payroll processing services, you can ensure your employees will get paid accurately and efficiently.


What is Payroll?

Payroll is an essential part of any business, ensuring that each employee receives the compensation they are owed for their hard work. Depending on the size of a company, payroll might be managed by its accounting or human resources department – or in some cases, even directly handled by the owner.

Payroll is swiftly becoming outsourced to specialized companies, like ours, that can easily handle paycheck processing, insurance, employee benefits, and all other tax-related accounting tasks.

Key Takeaways

  • Payroll is a critical part of any business, and it involves the timely delivery of wages to employees for their hard work over an established period.
  • Streamlining payroll includes monitoring employee hours, computing paychecks, and distributing wages through direct deposit or check.
  • Businesses must also conduct bookkeeping and accounting procedures and set aside monies for Medicare, Social Security, and unemployment taxes.
  • Companies that wish to avoid performing payroll duties in-house can use professional providers’ services or utilize cloud-based software for a streamlined and easy solution.
  • Figuring out payroll can be difficult due to the various components involved.

Understanding Payroll Services in Meriden

Managing payroll is more than just issuing payments; it’s an accounting function that requires tracking hours worked, calculating employees’ pay, and withholding necessary taxes and benefits deductions like Medicare or Social Security contributions and unemployment insurance. It also includes recording bonuses, overtime payouts, and vacation time credits to ensure accurate compensation for each employee. Payroll processing involves handling all these responsibilities to deliver secure direct deposits or checks to the right accounts on schedule.

Many medium- and large-size companies outsource payroll services to streamline the process. Employers track employees’ work hours and relay this information to the payroll service. On payday, the payroll service calculates the gross amount the employee is owed based on the number of hours or weeks worked during the pay period and the pay rate. The service deducts taxes and other withholdings from earnings and then pays the employees.

The Pros of Outsourcing Your Payroll to Us

Enjoy the convenience of simplified accounting and ensure that your business meets legal and tax requirements with Nesso Tax payroll service. Not only will this help ensure compliance, but it also maintains an accurate record of vacation or personal time for each employee.

Here are the 5 ways in which you and your business can benefit from our financial advisors in Meriden:

Streamline Your Payroll Processing

Make the payroll process simpler and more streamlined with our payroll services in Meriden. We consolidate your software for employee hour tracking, payroll calculation, direct deposit management, and other related tasks into one accessible location. This eliminates any potential confusion or conflicts caused by multiple programs.

Invest Your Time Wisely

Outsourcing the payroll process to our financial advisors in Meriden significantly reduces your workload. You won’t have to enter employee information and calculate wages; instead, that time can now be devoted to more critical tasks related to managing employees and achieving organizational goals.

Monitor Your Employees Effectively

Our financial services in Meriden make it simple for your employees to clock in and out of work, allowing you to accurately monitor their hours worked and record attendance.

Ensures Correct Tax Information

We calculate and deduct proper payroll taxes for each paycheck. We assist with taxes on a federal, state, and local level. These companies often assist with preparing and distributing employee tax forms.

Pay Employees On Time

Our experts ensure you pay all employees on time. We also make sure that every employee receives the correct amount. Therefore, hiring us helps you avoid delayed or incorrect payments.

A Simple & Efficient Payroll Solution (Services)

If you were wondering: “what can Nesso Tax do for my payroll needs?” We offer multiple service options to make sure your reports are accurate and that your employees don’t miss a payment:

Payroll Checks

Accurate and professionally printed checks, along with free direct deposits – we promise to make sure your employees are paid on time without fail.

Easy Reporting

Nesso Accounting offers a stress-free way to file IRS and state taxes and EFTPS tax deposits. Our user-friendly payroll tax reports – including 941s, 940s, W-2S & W-3S, and 1099 forms – ensure compliance with all necessary filing requirements for monthly, quarterly, and yearly payments.

HR Tools

Ensure your business runs as efficiently and effectively as possible with Nesso Accounting’s in-depth reports on team members’ vacation, sick days, and personal day accruals. Managing your staff will be a breeze with access to these invaluable HR tools.

Custom Payroll Reports

Nesso Accounting offers a specialized Payroll Reports Service to ensure you are prepared for Worker’s Compensation Audits, Unemployment Claims, Social Security Audits, Child Support Audits, and more. We will be your guides in easily completing Federal and State registration forms.

Let’s Answer Your FAQs About Payroll Management

What Are Payroll Taxes?

Social Security and Medicare take a significant chunk of your pay, with Social Security taking out 6.2% up to $132,900 and 1.45% for the latter, respectively. Your employer also contributes to payroll taxes – equivalent to half of your deductions (6.2%) plus another 1.45%. In other words, the government takes 12.4%, while you and your employer cover 2% each – 4% combined.

What Is a Payroll Tax Cut?

A payroll tax cut is a great way to put more money back in the pockets of workers and businesses! When taxes are withheld from paychecks, employees take home less income. With this cut, they could enjoy a little bit extra with each paycheck – encouraging them to spend their earnings and act as an economic stimulus for the country.

What Is a Payroll Tax Holiday?

A payroll tax holiday is an opportunity to delay the collection of taxes, allowing employees to take home more of their wages in the short term. This can provide workers a much-needed boost and offer temporary financial relief during these difficult times. When the deferral period ends, those taxes will be due then.


Is Payroll Part of HR or Accounting?

Human Resources is often the department responsible for managing payroll and related matters. However, some organizations place it under Finance or Accounting. Large companies with a more diverse workforce may have their own dedicated division that solely deals with everything from calculating wages to tracking employee attendance. No matter where it falls in an organization’s hierarchy, payroll remains an accounting practice at its core.

What Is the Difference Between Payroll and Salary?

Depending on how you look at it, employees may consider wages and salaries as part of their compensation, in addition to bonuses, stock options, commissions, etc. On the other hand, these payments are recognized as payroll costs for an organization.

About Nesso Tax

Facing the challenge of taxes can be overwhelming and intimidating. Our team strives to provide a safe, comfortable, supportive, and attentive atmosphere to your needs. We listen closely while offering advice tailored to help you reach your financial objectives. With our expertise in management, coordination, and comprehensive overviews of finances, we are here for you every step along the way.

Our team is dedicated to delivering superior customer service and keeping a cheerful mindset. We ensure all your inquiries are always answered while preparing ahead of time to ease the entire process for everyone involved. With top-notch communication skills and insightful planning techniques, our goal is your satisfaction.

Our Mission & Commitment in Meriden, CT

At Nesso Tax, we ensure your long-term vision for your business complies with our goals for this service. We want to help you as much as possible with the following:

  • Providing financial guidance on their financial health & strategies.
  • Calculating wages
  • Track attendance & workers’ compensation
  • Helping you achieve your financial goals and sustainably grow your business.

Learn About Our Process

Do you need reliable and effective payroll services in Meriden, CT? Our process for working together is straightforward:

  • Consultation: Book a virtual CFO consultation.
  • Analysis and Plan: Let us create a plan for your business.
  • Implementation: Save time as your payroll is automated effortlessly.

Get A Flawless Payroll Assistance in Meriden, CT, from Nesso Tax

Our team at Nesso Tax is here to provide you with the help you need when it comes to managing payroll and other related financial matters. Avoid spending hours in front of a monitor entering your employees’ hour tracking and ensuring you don’t overpay or underpay anyone. Whether you are a small or medium company, we offer a custom solution tailored to your payroll needs. We help you keep track of payroll costs, calculate wages, and manage attendance records effectively.

Let us handle the paperwork for you, so you don’t have to! Contact us today to get started.

Get in touch with our Meriden-based payroll services experts at Nesso Tax.


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