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Business Process Consulting & Application Management In Connecticut

Business process consulting aids businesses in analyzing, streamlining, and changing how they conduct business.The objectives are to lower expenses, boost revenue, and improve the working environment for both employees and…

January 3, 2023

Written by John Wonneberger

Business process consulting aids businesses in analyzing, streamlining, and changing how they conduct business.The objectives are to lower expenses, boost revenue, and improve the working environment for both employees and clients. Depending on the nature of your sector and the processes you presently employ, business consulting may result in a slight adjustment or a total overhaul of how your company conducts business. 

On the other hand, application management is administering, maintaining, supporting, and developing an application throughout its lifecycle. The goal is to ensure that the application meets the needs of the business and continues to do so as the business evolves. Applications are a vital part of any business, and application management ensures they run smoothly and efficiently.

At Nesso Accounting, we offer business process consulting and application management in Connecticut. We work with a wide range of businesses, from small family-owned operations to large corporations. Our business consulting helps you rework approaches to better correspond with actual business results by taking a critical look at how your daily functions either contribute to or hinder short- and long-term goals. And with our application management solution, we take care of the technical side of things so you can focus on what you do best.


Understand What Our Business Processes Consultants Do

Two methods are used by our business process consultants to identify system solutions. To analyze daily roles and responsibilities, Nesso Accounting consultants will hold personnel meetings with staff members, management, and other relevant stakeholders as part of the initial business consulting process. Second, we’ll monitor and gather process data as part of our process consulting methodology.

We’ll also compile data and produce reports on areas where your company experiences bottlenecks, interruptions, redundancies, and resource waste, as well as areas where you could automate using process-data mining tools and applications.

Our Business Process Consulting’s Advantages

With our management consulting approach, we can transform the abstract into the concrete. We provide essential advantages and step-by-step guidance that results in transformational, yet authentic, success through our data-driven insights and process modifications.

Fresh Eyes

As a third party, Nesso Accounting can offer an objective viewpoint in challenging situations. Many of your employees find it challenging to address their coworkers or management directly with criticism, even constructive feedback. Since a consultant’s job is to hear employee insights, our presence lessens this discomfort. Nesso Accounting creates a new environment and brings new perspectives to promote change.

Decisions Driven By Data

Data mining is a scalable approach to comprehending an organization’s behavior and swiftly discovering all potential process modifications. We use programs that locate bottlenecks and reduce errors to track performance using both historical and real-time data. All of this naturally drives your organization to make judgments about process improvement that are supported by facts.

More Precise Business Model

Performance improvements are only worthwhile if they strengthen an organization’s core business strategy. Nesso Accounting’s business process consultants are more than willing to change the business model if necessary. You’ll see better-executed and more fully achieved business goals on every level of your workflows.

Spend Less Money

One of the main advantages of working with our business process consultants is their capacity to compare how activities are actually being carried out in your firm to how you believe they’re being conducted. We can find overworked or underused resources, from personnel domains to software to managerial methods, using a customized collection of digital tools, performance studies, data mapping, and transactional observations, and design a model to “repair” it.

Increasing Scalability

Scalability is one of the business buzzwords you hear frequently but rarely see in action. Our business process consultants provide a step-by-step road map to help everyone reach where they want to go, from firms going through rapid growth pains to those looking for the next ample opportunity.

Understand Our Application Management Service

The lifecycle process for software applications is known as application management (AM), and it includes all aspects of a program’s operation, maintenance, version control, and upgrades. Nesso Accounting’s application management services guarantee that applications work as smoothly and effectively as possible, from the end-user experience to interaction with back-office enterprise operations like databases, ERP, and SaaS cloud functions like CRM.

The Work Of Our Application Managers

Nesso Accounting’s application managers are IT specialists who are granted control over the application management process. They fully oversee the SDLC lifecycle of an application within an organization. These application managers are primarily analysts who conduct research, look for new business applications, and communicate their results to the organization’s other essential stakeholders. Besides overseeing maintenance and application closure, our application managers also direct the implementation process.

Why Is Our Application Management Crucial For Your Company’s Operations?

Any company that needs to innovate must use application management to do so. Every business activity in an organization can be given modern applications, allowing business processes to be delivered to the market more rapidly, effectively, efficiently, and affordably. 

  • Thanks to our intelligent application administration, resources are freed, allowing us to concentrate on pressing problems like new business difficulties. Additionally, successfully and efficiently managed programs are less likely to fail, which could result in a loss of functionality and potentially cause business loss.
  • In summary, effective application management can aid in lowering the likelihood of downtime and, consequently, enhance business continuity. The end-user experience can also be improved through our application management, which keeps an eye out for user problems and updates the application with new features. This improved user interface will boost productivity and hasten the adoption of new features.
  • The value of our application management may be seen in many different ways when considering the bottom line. For instance, if management methods are successfully implemented, there will be a reduction in the number of person-hours required for meetings. Robust application management procedures can lessen the need for other outside consultants, significantly lowering the overall operational cost.

What It Means To Have An Automated Quality Assurance Engine

At Nesso Accounting, we pride ourselves on providing clients with an automated quality assurance (QA) engine. This software testing tool is designed to streamline the QA process and improve the accuracy of test results. The way our automated QA engine works is by first creating a set of tests that cover all of the functionality of the software that is being tested. Then, the engine automatically runs these tests. If any of the tests fail, the engine will report the failure and provide information on why the test failed.

An automated QA engine is important because it can improve the accuracy of test results and free up manual testers to focus on other tasks. By automating the process of testing, we’re able to eliminate human error and provide our clients with more accurate results. Additionally, this tool allows us to focus on other aspects of the software development process, such as design and management.

Our Proven Process For Business Process Consulting

Our BPC services are divided into three distinct phases:

Phase 1: Process Discovery

In the first phase of our business process consulting, we work with our clients to understand their current processes and identify opportunities for improvement. This phase includes a comprehensive analysis of the client’s existing business processes and interviews with key stakeholders. Getting to know our client’s business is essential to understanding how we can best help them.

Phase 2: Process Design

After completing the discovery phase, we move on to process design. In this phase, we work with our clients to develop new business processes that are more efficient and effective than their current ones. We also create detailed process documentation and flowcharts to guarantee that the new business processes are well-designed and fit our client’s needs.

Phase 3: Process Implementation

In the final phase of our business process consulting, we help our clients implement their new processes. Implementation includes training employees on the new processes, helping with data migration, and running tests to ensure processes are working as intended. We also provide ongoing support during this phase to help our clients adjust to the new processes and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Every Day, The Nesso Group Stays Committed To Fostering Growth In People And Businesses

At the Nesso Group, we have decades of combined experience and expertise in financial, insurance, and accounting services. We’re a group of professionals who are leaders in their fields and work hard to support the development of others. We have consolidated into a single location in Plantsville, Connecticut, to offer comprehensive solutions. Our goal is to house various services under one roof to give our clients the most outstanding experience possible.

We have what it takes to help our Connecticut clients work toward their financial objectives and boost their success. Nesso Accounting offers trusted guidance and outsourced accounting services. We can provide clients value-added solutions like business process consulting and application management, fostering a more holistic practice and a more personal connection with the client.

At Nesso Accounting, we’re dedicated to assisting clients in understanding their finances and maximizing their capacity for growth. We’ll take care of the accounting and reporting needs to give you back more time to do what you’re truly passionate about. Our team of knowledgeable accounting professionals places a significant priority on delivering the best level of service and ensuring client satisfaction.



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