Liz Rosado

Operations Associate

Elizabeth Rosado, Operations Associate at Nesso Group, relocated to Meriden, CT, from Brooklyn, NY, in 2004, seeking a better life for herself and her four children—a decision she’s never regretted. Throughout her journey, Liz has held positions at the Housing Authority of the City of Meriden, Meriden Hills Baptist Church, and Bongiovanni Insurance and Financial. In each role, her common thread has been a commitment to serving the public and assisting individuals in any way possible.

In 2021, Liz joined Nesso, a company whose core values closely align with her own. She is drawn to the familial atmosphere and the exceptional team of individuals she collaborates with daily.

Outside of her professional life, Liz finds joy in baking delectable cakes and cupcakes and cherishing quality time with her grandchildren. Liz hopes to someday have her own catering business focusing on Spanish cuisine and desserts.

Describe Nesso in 1 word:


Favorite Hobby:


What did you want to be when you grew up?

Nurse (or at least that’s what I said in a video recording that my dad had of me as a kid)

Favorite quote:

“Tell me who you walk with, and I’ll tell you who you are.”
— Esmeralda Santiago
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