Kevin Christopher, JD, ABFP(SM)

Partner, Wealth Advisor

Kevin grew up in Freetown, Massachusetts. His parents, both educators and pioneers as the first college graduates in their immigrant families, instilled a deep appreciation for knowledge, even if it was trivia or obscure facts. When he was a teenager, both his parents’ teaching unions went on extended strikes at the same time. He learned in those months that budgeting and saving were of the utmost importance.

Kevin pursued his education at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, where he earned a BS/MDS in Environmental Sciences and Business, followed by a Juris Doctorate. Admitted to the Massachusetts Bar in January 2001, he briefly practiced law before transitioning to the brokerage firm Quick & Reilly. While his desk in Berlin, CT, never moved, Kevin witnessed the firm’s evolution through mergers from Fleet Bank to Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. During his tenure, he managed investment portfolios, prioritizing client relationships over numbers and analytics.

Motivated by his passion for helping clients grasp the true essence of wealth, Kevin ventured into the independent advisor space. Recognizing the need for advanced technology and multi-level support to empower clients in managing their finances, he sought comprehensive solutions. Upon realizing the absence of a suitable platform, Kevin co-founded Nesso Group, a collaborative endeavor focused on simplifying financial advice. At Nesso, he collaborates with experts from diverse fields, humanizing financial guidance and making planning accessible in clear and straightforward terms.

A guest lecturer at Yale, he enjoys sharing his knowledge and educating people on wealth advice and entrepreneurship. Outside his professional commitments, Kevin resides in Wolcott, CT, with his soon-to-be wife, Anna, sharing a love for culinary adventures and global dining experiences. He has one sister, Cheryl, and two fun-loving nephews, Christopher and Austin, who live in North Carolina.

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Marine Biologist

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“I’ve found it is the small things, every act of normal folk that keeps the darkness at bay — simple acts of kindness and love.”

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