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Helping People who are helping people
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Our Mission

The Vanni Foundation impacts families, individuals, and non-profits by providing financial clarity and equipping them to build long-term stability.

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Meeting Non-Profits Where they are

Connecting Organizations with the Resources to Move Forward

The Vanni Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, provides operational, accounting & compliance support and training to local nonprofit organizations so they can focus on their mission, not the back-office.

We help the people who are helping people. By creating collaborative alliances, we provide opportunities to serve others for our expanding network of volunteers.

The Vanni Foundation is Carrying Forward a Legacy of Impact

The Vanni Foundation was founded by the Nesso Group with two clear objectives. First, to extend the reach of a group of committed and talented professionals who are servant-minded and ready to share their skills with the community they serve with grace and humility. Second, to honor and carry forward a legacy of service by Terry & Eileen Bongiovanni, two of Nesso Group’s founding members.

Their commitment to others through work and volunteer endevors has been meaningful and impactful and will guide the Vanni Foundation’s mission to bring financial clarity and foster stability in the community it serves.

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The Bongiovanni Family

Vanni Team & Board of Directors

Team Member | Ty Bongiovanni

Krystle Blake

Business Development Director

Team Member | Ty Bongiovanni

Ty Bongiovanni


Team Member | Trey Bongiovanni

Trey Bongiovanni

Vice President

Team Member | Kelly Glatt

Kelly Glatt


Team Member | Lisa Uguccioni

Lisa Uguccioni

Team Member | Nikki Grillo

Nikki Grillo

Team Member | Leah Broadwell

Leah Broadwell

Head of Fundraising & Giving Grace Fundraiser Event Chair

Team Member | Kacey Conlon

Kacey Conlon

Head of Marketing

Team Member | Patti Fasulo

Patti Fasulo

Pat Bousaada

Team Member | Nikki Grillo

Tyler Johnson

Team Member | Nikki Grillo

Alaina Capasso

Committed to Creating Stable, Healthy Futures throughout Connecticut

Our resources are currently focused around our homebase of Milldale, Connecticut, and are ever-expanding throughout our state.

Thank You to our Incredible Volunteers

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